Why your boss wants you to see online doctors

Have you heard about the movement towards telehealth? Telehealth has become more and more popular with both individuals and companies since the roll out of the Affordable Care Act. It offers the chance for you, as a patient, to sit down in front of a web cam and interact with a licensed and caring physician without driving to a doctor’s office. More and more companies are talking about—and actively implementing—telehealth programs. Margaret Shaw, Director of Global Benefits for Marvell Technology, explains why her company has decided to offer a telehealth service to its employees: “It could potentially be a huge cost savings. If you go see a regular doctor, your cost is anywhere from $150 to $200 for an office visit. It’s a big, big difference.”

The benefits of using an online doctor don’t stop there. Besides the cost of a doctor’s appointment, there is also the time necessary to take off work, drive to a doctor’s office, and spend the time getting back to work. That time could be spent at your office, talking to a doctor, and then getting back to work. Both employees and companies can benefit from an increase in efficiency. This new service doesn’t come without its hiccups, though. It can often be hard to convince employees to engage in the program, which is why companies are doing their best to advertise the benefits to employees.

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