Independent Living

Alpha Telehealth promotes independent living. The care programs are designed to manage chronic conditions, especially for individuals with Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes, and Hypertension. Programs may be customized for specific needs.

Nurses and Doctors are on the front lines of care. Individuals maintain daily contact with their Alpha Team and receive reminders on medications and upcoming appointments. Vitals such as weight and blood pressure, for example, are monitored in the background.  In the event of exceptions, the Alpha Team can take action such as:  notify the family caregiver, arrange a home visit by a physician, or call an ambulance.

With the Alpha Telehealth Approach:

  • Chronic conditions are managed proactively
  • Preventive care means fewer complications, fewer trips to the Emergency Room, and fewer hospitalizations
  • Caregivers and medical care providers are on the same page
  • Individuals and their Caregivers have peace of mind