maple knoll tests uc smart house for seniors

mapleknoll-1Maple Knoll Village, a non-profit continuing care retirement community located in the greater Cincinnati area, has been working with University of Cincinnati graduate students to help their residents lead safer, healthier lives. In the “Innovation Collaboratory House,” you’ll find a plethora of technological tools to help older adults manage conditions like congestive heart failure, and they can even do stroke prevention.  According to an article by WVXU Cincinnati, “This [smart house], at Maple Knoll Village in Springdale, is designed to showcase how seniors can stay in their homes longer.” Telehealth robots and an X-Box “Kinect” help make this possible.

mapleknoll-2UC graduate student Gaurav Patil worked on the controller for these devices, reducing the cost of a controller for the smart house to $35. The robots within the smart house utilize infrared technology rather than traditional cameras. As Patil says, “People don’t’ like to be watched.” The infrared camera and other motion sensors helps alleviate the stress of being filmed while still maintaining the security for older adults that the smart house promises. Hopefully, the research on this technology will continue so that telehealth technology can help seniors stay in their homes for a longer period of time.

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