Complete Care Means Peace of Mind

We are here to help individuals live independently and to aide adult caregivers with medical and non-medical services.

  • Daily Voice or Video Calls

    Assess general well-being.  Proactively uncover any needs or concerns. Provide reminders of upcoming appointments, medication changes, etc.

  • No-Fuss Vital Signs Monitering

    No need to write down, enter into the computer, or call in vital signs. Use the weight scale, blood pressure cuff, or glucometer normally and the information is automatically sent wirelessly to your medical record

  • Emergency Response + GPS

    Select a bracelet or necklace that can send for help if you are in an emergency and cannot access 911. Built-in GPS can help responders and caregivers find you or alert your caregivers when you wander too far from home.

  • Basic Programs

    •  Monitoring & Reminders
    • Video interaction
    • Medication check
    • Follow-up on physician instructions
    • Care plan & appointment reminders
    • We can even help you with other non-medical needs as well. Just let us know.
  • Coordinating With Care Providers

    We will help you build a team that includes you, your caregiver, and your primary care doctor. Vitals and notes in our system can be shared with the primary care physician to provide a better understanding of your health during visits. With the individual at the center of care, communication and care plans can be coordinated. Adult caregivers that additional help is available just as much or as little as they need.

  • House Calls and Home Care

    Schedule a home visit by a physician, nurse, physical therapist, or home health aide. Find transportation to your appointments. Get that extra help for your tasks around the home.  Get medical equipment and meals delivered to your home.

  • Manage Your Medications and Schedule

    Since we are in contact on a daily basis, we can remind you of your medications and your upcoming appointments.